Christopher Kane: Resort 2017

Giant fucking pansies. Nope, not referring to my esteemed colleagues, but Christopher Kane’s Resort 2017 collection, shown this afternoon in at his Mount Street abode. Because there, amongst an exclusive gathering of fashion sorts, the common or garden flower was transformed, swan-like, into something altogether more extraordinary – huge “hyper-real” prints of the flower were pieced together to form floating chiffon dresses, whilst the flower’s petals formed the inspiration for the collection’s silhouette, a silhouette that wrap around the model’s bodies. “The pansy seems so simple, so everyday; it just came into my head to use it as the basis for a collection,” Mr Kane said, via the press release. “When I researched the pansy more, it took on a deeper meaning, it stands for thoughtfulness and is ultimately a symbol of freethinking”. Kane contrasted the florals with precise gingham checks, a reminiscence on his Spring 2010 collection, whilst also evoking, for want of a better word, a “princess-y” feel (in Kane’s own, “Disney-like”) offering in the process a very modern take on femininity – shimmering fluid metallics, iridescent leathers, embroidered slips and plenty of sequins. A thoroughly pleasant way to spend the afternoon.