Wednesday 17th April

| BY Dino Bonacic

Christopher Kane’s Biology Class: 10 Questions With The Scottish Designer as he Collabs with Heart Research UK

Photo by Jonny Cochrane for Evening Standard

The top biologist of fashion designers, Christopher Kane has an undying love of the natural. Animals of the jungle for SS09, the female anatomy of flowers in SS14, human anatomy for AW15, an homage to Joy of Sex with AW18… Taking each of his collections as an opportunity to explore a different aspect of the flora and fauna, Kane has proved himself to be quite an expert when it comes to merging science and fashion. From his early beginnings, he has been using his platform not only to dress his crowds but also to educate and inspire us to explore the world around us.

Christopher Kane for Heart Research UK

Our ongoing biology course with Professor Kane continues as the proud Scotsman collaborates the national charity Heart Research UK on a mini capsule collection of two T-shirts and four metal pins, in support of The Heart of Scotland. This is a fundraising appeal created to raise and spend money in Scotland on vital medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease. The designs are a clear reflection of Kane’s graphic, slightly tongue-in-cheek approach to science and biology, and come at a price-point way lower than his embellished dresses and seat-buckle bags. With all proceeds going to the charity, they are true example of fashion for good. In celebration of this new launch (the tees and badges are now available to shop online), we got a quick biology lesson from Professor Kane. Ten nature(ish)-related questions, a couple of minutes on the clock – and GO!

Dino Bonacic: What was the most memorable experiment you did in school?

Christopher Kane: I didn’t really do anything that exciting in science besides the usual like growing crystals or testing for hydrogen… However for art class, I actually got a cow’s heart and dissected it to draw and paint as part of my portfolio to get into art school.

DB: Favourite human organ?

CK: I would have to say the brain. It’s so complex and still holds so many mysteries to science. I also can’t fail to be impressed by the heart, for its sheer endurance.

DB: What’s your blood type?

CK: Couldn’t tell you as I don’t know, and to be honest the mention of blood makes me a little nauseous.

DB: Why did the chicken cross the road?

CK: Because it was free range.

DB: Favourite plant?

CK: Weeds never cease to amaze me…they always get a bad track record but they actually do so much for other plants in your garden by protecting them from too much sun, insect attacks or simply by supporting heavy plants.

DB: Please explain photosynthesis in a sentence.

CK: Photosynthesis is what converts light energy from the sun into chemical energy for plants to use and produce oxygen that we breathe.

DB: Favourite flower?

CK: I do love a pansy. I love all flowers as they really are nature’s way of dressing up and showing off.

DB: What makes your heart beat faster?

CK: Shopping and watching university challenge.

DB: What’s your spirit animal?

CK: Never thought about it until now. The animal that comes to mind is a wild cat, as I can’t be tamed.

DB: Favourite lab utensil?

CK: Microscopes really do excite me. I love seeing things that you could never imagine exist.

The Christopher Kane x Heart of Scotland badges and t-shirts are available to shop online.