Sunday 6th March

| BY 10 Magazine

Comme des Garçons: Ready-to-wear AW16

Eighteenth century punks – in pink – were the inspiration for Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons this time around. They were both inspired and inspiring, with outfits piled up with panniers and frills and rococo floral patterns, ruffled and flounced to within an inch of their gargantuan lives. Anna Cleveland opened proceedings, marching purposefully out like an eighteenth century dandy with pointed toes and raised chin, her head topped like all the models with a wild pompadour. The outfits continued to unfold, like foppish rebels, in a multi-layered, multi-conceptual cavalcade that will inspire countless designers for endless seasons. Because that’s what Rei Kawakubo does. She helps make the fashion world go round.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans