Friday 3rd March

| BY Jack Moss

Comme des Garçons: Ready-to-wear AW17

As you may already know, Rei Kawakubo, and thus Comme des Garçons, are the subject of this year’s Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute exhibition. Which, in turn, means that they will be the theme of this year’s Met Gala. So what shall we wear to the ball? Will we perhaps go for one of those sculpted numbers that opened the show? That looked a bit like incredible lumps of paper mache, or a very curvy mannequin? Or those huge structures that followed made from what could have been balls of discarded yarn? The one that had hundred of sleeves attached, appearing like a mass of walking coral? Something in shiny shiny silver? Phoebe thought they were a bit like floating molecules that sort of danced and floated around each other. Organic matter, if you will. As you can probably tell, we don’t quite have the vocabulary for this, so we’ll settle for breathless declarations of admiration instead. This is visionary fashion. The kind that will inspire designers for seasons to come. Because Rei is the lady that makes the fashion world go round. And we’re just lucky to witness it.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans