Saturday 1st October

| BY 10 Magazine

Comme des Garçons: Ready-to-wear SS17

This was clothing suitable for those of you with personal space issues. Mainly because it was all fucking huge. Noone’s coming close to you in that. Wide load fashion. Or, in more eloquent terms: sculptural. Comme offered us the word monolithic which sounds better, because, well, that lot are very clever sorts. Think: huge circular constructions in black, a giant shoulder in red tartan, metre-wide ruffles in the house polka dot. A sort of supersize version of a Peter Pan dress and jacket, complete with matching supersize collar. I mean, who said that fashion doesn’t accommodate the fuller figure? But really, this was typically captivating, breathtaking stuff from the master of avant-garde fashion. A lady who, each and every season, pushes the boundaries of what fashion means and the forms that it can take, bringing it, as close as anyone has, to being art. Which, coincidentally, could be cemented in the near future, seeing as both Anna Wintour and Andrew Bolton, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institution curator sat front row. Could Rei be the theme of their next exhibition? Which in turn poses the question: which one of these masterpieces are we wearing to the Met ball?