Tuesday 13th April

| BY Claudia Croft

My Happy Place: Cosima Is Our Next Star In 10’s New Creative Generation

A new creative generation is emerging from the devastation of lockdown. Inside Issue 66 of 10 Magazine, we teamed up with Chanel to spotlight a series of actors, musicians, activists, writers and artists who are fueled by talent, self-belief and are ready to shape the cultural landscape. Their time is now.

Next up is emerging singer/songwriter Cosima. She has her own record label, a mesmeric sound and new music coming on stream – this south Londoner is the embodiment of a woman in control.

Where is your happy place?

“The studio. Studios feel like bunkers, so they feel very safe. When we were teenagers, my sister’s now-husband was the first person to let me use his studio and I remember there was no other place that made me feel happier. I would count down the hours in the day so I could get back in the studio. I love recording my voice and I love playing with my voice. It’s my tool for communication and that’s what the studio symbolises to me.”

How do you feel when you are in your happy place?

“I come here to sing, I come here to communicate, so I can feel really sad here, but that’s OK because I can communicate that. I feel really happy when I’m here, I feel I can be angry and come here and vent. The whole range of emotions usually happens here in the studio.”

Last year was tough. How are you dealing with 2021?

“It’s important to never lose kindness and empathy and warmth for other people, because more than anything, more than emotional resilience, that’s the thing that 2020 should have taught people.”

Cosima wears Chanel. Taken from Issue 66 of 10 Magazine – MY, HAPPY, PLACE – is out NOW. Order your copy here.