Wednesday 28th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Courrèges: Ready-to-wear SS17

This was sort of 1960s, or should we say, 1960s through the filter of 2030. To which I originally wrote 2020 because in my head, that was a far off and distant date, but is actually only 3 years away. Argh. So let’s say 2030. Because this was futuristic. Space age, even. To open, super-mini cocoon dresses in silver, white and blue. The perfect eveningwear for if one was ever invited to an impromptu soiree at a colony on Mars. Then, it all went a bit lady racer – mini leather jackets with trousers that sat high on the waist, shiny oval sunglasses, big-collared shearling jackets. And go-faster stripes, courtesy of that bodysuit. It ended, naturally, with glamour – a red suede trench, cinched at the waist, then, a kind of sheer checkerboard bodysuit with a belted skirt atop. To end? A couple of sheer and shiny peplum tops. It’s all in a day’s work for the Courrèges lady.