Wednesday 6th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Diane von Furstenberg: Resort 2019

When we think of a phoenix we can’t help but think of Harry Potter. Or maybe it’s just me. Wouldn’t know what a phoenix represented if it wasn’t for HP, that iconic scene of the phoenix going up in flames in Dumbledore’s office is forever engrained. “Fascinating creatures, phoenixes,” Dumblebore says. It seems that Diane von Furstenberg has had the same thought process for the Resort collection that the House is referring to as ‘Holiday ’18’, titled ‘Phoenix’. “Phoenix came to me as the perfect name for the collection; it’s about rebirth,” says Creative Director Nathan Jenden. “Irreverence, joie de vivre, and a sense of renewal. All part of the spirit of the house of DVF, and of Diane herself.” We like a new chapter, reinventing ourselves and taking on a new persona. It’s not split personality disorder, we promise. A new Resort collection just does this to us. DVF is keeping it short and sweet, in Look Book length (with just eight images) and in the mini, printed dresses. Each look has the promise of a sun soaked holiday abroad and there’s nowhere we’d rather be right now. Or any day. Dresses are marabou feathered-edged and prints are jungle leaf-esque in all that lush green. Yes, there is an island vibe happening here, but with a fabulous resort in which we are waited on as we lay out, fanned with palm tree leaves and a cocktail constantly in hand. Diane von Furstenberg knows what we want and how to take us there. Will gladly spontaneously combust and be reborn in a new DVF Resort look whenever, wherever.