Saturday 29th April

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Diesel Black Gold: The Gladiator

Diesel Black Gold Gladiator

Did you know that, in 2014, a woman called She-Ra Batey, who worked as a supermarket cashier in the Derby area, was arrested for stealing more than £3,400 from the till over the course of a year to pay for a holiday to Mexico. Obviously, she needed the holiday and deserved it, and in a sense got it with an 18-week prison sentence that was suspended for two years. As usual, this has little to do with anything, except for the fact that I recently Googled She-Ra. The sister of He-Man and alter ego of Princess Adora She-Ra, not the convicted felon. I was trying to remember what shoes she wore. In my head, she always wore a gladiator sandal, not dissimilar to those that made their way down the Diesel Black Gold runway for this season. Elegant creations with many thin black straps that wind around the curve of the calf and an armour-type panel down the front of the leg that hints at an inner toughness, something you want your shoe to say when battling mortal foes, such as the man who stole you from your crib. These are the shoes a princess warrior wears. Needless to say, the Google search revealed that She-Ra the princess was more a fan of a gold boot creation. More fool her. No news on whether She-Ra the felon had bought herself a pair of gladiator creations for her jaunt in the sun, though.

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Fashion Editor Will Johns