Sunday 9th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Dion Lee: Ready-to-wear SS19

When the word goes wild, Dion Lee tones it down. Or so it seemed at the beginning of the Australian designer’s SS19 show at New York Fashion Week as the tonal, nude looks started walking down the catwalk, vibing a kind of 1990s minimalism that’s already become synonymous with the brand’s aesthetic. But as soon as you gave the looks a second glance, you realised there was nothing simple about them. The intricate construction, asymmetry, layering and silhouettes – all of these elements were off-kilter, transforming the models into a legion of Dion Lee fashion hybrids. These women were powerful and unafraid of their sexual selves, turning a sense of hi-tech futurism into a contemporary feminine quality.

If stripped down to the clothes, the show also had plenty to choose from. Leather, lace, silk… All the materials were effortlessly mixed into Matrix-esque silhouettes. It just happens to be that in this SS19 sequel, Trinity sheds her long leather coat for some revealing, lingerie-inspired dresses and boxy, cut-out tailoring. She’s one bad-ass woman and you definitely want to be her friend. Partially because she will keep you safe, but more importantly because you wanna borrow all her clothes. The pinstripe cut-out mini dress included.

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.