Tuesday 24th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Dior: Couture SS17

It might only be her second runway sashay but in the four short months since she made her SS17 ready-to-wear debut, Maria Grazia Chiuri has made the house of Dior very much her own. Do you remember what came before? No, us neither. Set against an enchanted garden her debut couture collection was fit for a woodland nymph. But as sweet as these fairies might appear on the surface, there’s a darkness that lurks beneath that translucent exterior. Think of her as a Little Red Riding Hood, but swathed in black, and whisps of white chiffon, except in this fairytale, Red doesn’t get eaten by the big bad wolf, she’s the one that eats him and turns his visage into a rather fetching wolf shaped veil. Well, waste not want not. Because don’t be fooled by those light as air frou-frou creations that wound their way round this forest. Looks can be deceiving. After all, if September gave us a feminist fencer, what do you think January will do? Backtrack on that promise? No. Just because she’s showing her sweeter side, doesn’t mean she’s any less tough. If she wanted to she could probably swing through that forest like Tarzan.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans