Wednesday 30th October

| BY Paul Toner

You Can Now Shop Vintage Christian Dior Jewels on Farfetch, As Curated by Susan Caplan

Clutch onto your pearls girls and boys, something quite spectacular is launching today, and it’s worth splashing that hard-earned cash on. Teaming up with e-tailer giant Fartfetch, Susan Caplan is releasing a vintage collection of jewellery from the house of Christian Dior. Purveyors of the UK’s largest selection of archive jewels, Susan Caplan will release a rarer-than-rare collection of Christian Dior rings, necklaces, brooches and earrings made by the house between 1976 and 1998. Each individual piece is engraved in Swarovski diamonds and made by hand in the Dior atelier all those years ago. Our personal pick is a nifty little brooch in the silhouette of a golden pineapple with magenta diamonds frosting the tips.

The mantra behind the curation of the pieces is “Remember everyone, not just someone,” reflected in the the variety of pieces. “I always make sure when I’m curating collections that there is something for everyone,” says Caplan. “With this collection I also wanted to make sure that the variation in style seen at Christian Dior over this period was represented.” The vintage pieces have never been worn before, kept in pristine condition, and of course, each piece is made up to the highest of standards expected from Dior. So if it means dipping into your savings to nab a piece, we’ll turn a blind eye. Your jewellery box is about to glisten a whole lot brighter.

The Fartfetch x Susan Caplan exclusive Christian Dior archive jewelry collection is available now.