Monday 29th February

| BY 10 Magazine

Dolce & Gabbana: Ready-to-wear AW16

Fashion is kind of a fairytale – you put on a beautiful dress, and become transformed. Then you kiss a prince and live happily ever after. Oh wait, that’s Kate Middleton’s wedding. But anyway. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were inspired by fairytales this season at Dolce & Gabbana – by swooning damsels and chivalrous knights and all manner of magical stuff. They poured that onto and into their clothes, whipping up beautiful froths of tulle, sequins and tinsel fringe fit to satisfy the fantasies of any little girl. But they also provided the other side of the coin – the slick frogged and braided coats of the dashing princes, cut narrow for girls too – for princesses who are less into being rescued and more into swashbuckling and adventuring for themselves. A fairytale for decidedly modern maidens. Plus this braided hussar jackets are sizing up as a major trend of the forthcoming season.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans