Thursday 26th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Elie Saab: Couture SS17

We’re easily pleased, us. Throw a bucketload of sparkling things in our general direction and we’ll probably end up having some sort of pleasure-based seizure in which our eyes roll into the back of our head and passersby check that we are, in fact, okay. Sensory overdrive, then, this PM at the Elie Saab show, as this was pretty much a full-on Disney princess fantasy moment. As Elie Saab is so very good at. Except, this time, it was inspired by the country of Egypt. Which has not, as far as we know, been the setting of a Disney film just yet, but, if it were to be, then our heroine would look something like this – a parade of semi-sheer goddess gowns dripping in sparkle, that, on closer inspection evoking such things as the eye of Horus and boats on the Nile. Sort of Cleopatra, were she to be reborn in the year 2017 to a multi-billionaire oil baron. In other news, wondering whether it was just us or was there a touch of the boudoirs to this? Something about those poofs of ostrich feathers, all that sheer and those silky bits and bobs gave us luxe-y bedroom wear. I mean, what else to wear to bed that a hand hand-stitched Haute Couture gown?