Wednesday 23rd December

| BY Jack Moss

Elie Saab: Pre-Fall 2016

Think of this as your Christmas gift from Ten Towers – Elie Saab’s Pre-Fall 2016 collection in all it’s shimmering shining glory. Also known as sparkly things that we would like to have in our life. And you should too. Because what says Christmas than a job lot of sequins? All crafted into a spectacular array of dresses for the modern, glamourous woman – from lacey ballgowns to little sixties shifts, by way of a fab vision in silver and fur. Next year’s wardrobe sorted, then. And, just because we can’t be dressed in our fineries every day (even though we do try our hardest) – there’s plenty of pieces for day-today life as well – natty embellished tailoring, poncho jackets, a fur gilet. Enough to bring Ten Towers back to life after three days of solid drinking. Just.