Elie Saab: Ready-to-wear SS17

To get to this disco, you must follow the path of the gold stardust. It was infused into each piece of the collection and covered the floor that led the way, like a yellow brick road clouded with a little smoke. It was like a modern day Wizard of Oz. Saab the wizard, obvs. No Dorothy here, or if it’s still her she’s undergone a total disco diva makeover. So what do they wear at the Elie Saab disco? Glittering gold and black sequin suits, stars everywhere. Black silk was tied around their necks, choker style and leather vests swung with fringing. Those Elie Saab halter neck sequin embroidered gowns and classic jumpsuits were here for the party and glittered so good in the light that strobed in every colour. Vivid turquoises and pinks had our hearts racing, an Elie Saab orgasm. It was electrifying, totally charged up. So it’s decided. We must go dancing tonight. Party on.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans