Wednesday 27th May

| BY 10Magazine

Emporio Armani: Cruise 2016

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, ladies who showed off their ankles were considered racy. Which can only lead us to conclude that the Emporio Armani cruise ladies are exceedingly racy. Not only do they bare ankle flesh, they bare calf flesh and in some cases even a knee, with a hint of upper thigh. Living in a time though, when ladies tend to bare much more than a leg, these ladies are still keeping it classy. And how are they keeping it classy? By dressing in a mix of relaxed masculine separates in various shades of cream, pale greys and powdered blue. The laid-back attitude is further emphasised by the slightly louche tailoring and the feather earring. Notice, by the way, how the trousers sit slightly higher on the waist.

By Natalie Dembinska