Friday 14th December

| BY Dino Bonacic

Emporio Armani: Pre-Fall 2019

“It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Fridaaaay,” the mini Rebecca Black is singing inside my head. A sense of warmth and happiness is coming from inside – it’s my love for the weekend and no one can say anything against it. Emulating this excitement for weekend realness are the girls from the Emporio Armani Pre-Fall 2019 lookbook. They’re buzzing, dressed head-to-toe in some fabulous fashions that are making them look even happier than they actually might be. “Jump and look happy,” seemed to be the photographer’s mantra, and just like that – I’ve never felt more in-sync with a model than this very Friday afternoon.

Those fabulous fashions however, are far away from my today’s choice of a mismatched tracksuit combo – cute flowy trench coats, tapered trousers and fun furry jackets also contribute to their enthusiasm. Accessories? Fun shoes, sensible bags and some pretty subtle logo game popping when you least expect it. Wouldn’t you want to smile and throw your hands in the air if you were clothed in some new-season Armani? That particular navy lurex tuxedo look, worn without a shirt and just a faux fur stole keeping the chest warm – that is my absolute my absolute outfit goal for tonight. Mister Armani? Can I get one in size XXL?