Monday 21st July

| BY 10Magazine

Emporio Armani The Watch

Is there a union more perfect, more heaven made, than that of Emporio Armani and Diana Ross? And, more specifically, the timepieces of Emporio Armani and the lyrics of The Supremes? Possibly, though rather unlikely, for how else does one put into words how one feels about a finely crafted wristwatch, especially if it’s an Armani wristwatch – the first from Emporio Armani, in fact – if not via the medium of a Supremes lyric. Listen to I Hear a Symphony. Really listen to the words. Mr Armani has given you a true love, and every day we should give thanks to him for giving us a feeling that is not only so new, but so inviting and so exciting, too. For what is a watch, inspired by the 1930s and 1940s – the age of ultimate elegance – yet sleek and modern looking, infused with sophistication and fine Swiss craftsmanship, if not a symphony? Its silent ticktock, heard only when the watch is held up to the ear, is a tender melody that pulls you closer to the counter – to it safely nestled on velvet below glass – until you’re so close that you have no choice but to ask the rather nice person behind that counter if they could show it to you, because all you want at that very moment, more than anything else, is to touch it. And have it touch you. In the morning. In the evening. And even, because you are feeling frisky, in the afternoon. And then suddenly, the silver links of its strap are touching the skin of your wrist, a feeling so divine – like angels’ breath gently blowing on your hair – that you leave the past behind and look to the future of time telling. A future that harks back to the days before mobile phones, when time was told via the medium of wrist. A future that comes complete with a diamond-studded face. And an exotic-leather strap, should you prefer the warmness of skin on skin as opposed to the coolness of precious metal against skin. For you are now lost – lost in a world made for you by him. And baby, the magic of time telling created by Mr Armani, especially for you, brings so much joy. You never want this feeling to end. You want it to go on and on and on. And baby, those tears, the ones that fill your eyes whenever someone happens to stop you on the street and ask the time, are tears of joy. And you cry not for yourself but for all of those who have never felt the joy you feel. The joy that comes from wearing an Emporio Armani timepiece. Those are the people for whom you cry.

By Natalie Dembinska