Wednesday 30th November

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Erdem: Pre-Fall 2017

Hello! I’m back (from obscurity) to tell you something obvious. It’s cold. It’s really fucking cold. So cold that I am currently shrouded in my coat. Not because it is cold in Ten Towers, but because I’m a drama queen. But therein lies the problem. How do I show off my fab fashions when they are concealed by my equally fab coat? The fab-ness of said coat tends to wear off quickly when you wear it every day to survive the perishing cold. Well, look no further because Erdem has the answer to that conundrum with his Pre-Fall collection. Well, kinda. Cast your eyes upon the fantastic offerings above. Sparkles, embroidery, floral prints, pussybows, more sparkles. How could anybody miss those, even underneath a big winter coat. And speaking of coats he’s done those too. Big, colourful, furry creatures that you’d never want to take off. Even in the summer. So for anybody reading who is stuck on what to get me for Christmas, it’s this. All of it. Thanks Erdem.