Wednesday 13th January

| BY Jack Moss

Erika Cavallini: Pre-Fall 2016

Consider this not only as a lovely pre-fall collection from Erika Cavallini, which it most definitely is, but also a lesson in minimal home design. Which you may not have asked for, but now you definitely want. Plenty of marble, wood-clad walls, the occasional piece of German lava pottery. A nicely designed chair. All very 1970s. The place one could come home to and say, “I’ve made it.” Looks for your body and looks for your home. Isn’t Erika kind? And very nice looks they are too – perfect for settling into your new abode – tabard knit dresses, crisp shirts, dresses that are tied at the waste. Raw, organic, handsome, arty. A collection for the lady that appreciates the finer things in life.