Friday 22nd September

| BY Jack Moss

Erika Cavallini: Ready-to-Wear SS18

If it wasn’t quite a famous slogan already, I would suggest the following for Erika Cavallini’s offering this AM: easy, breezy, beautiful. Let’s be honest, the EC girl doesn’t have a whole lot of time for fashion thinking. Quite frankly, she has more important things to do. She loves Erika’s ready-made wardrobe of pieces that she actually wants to wear (shocker!) with just enough je ne sais quoi to keep things fashion-y.

Suiting had whopper shoulders, in a palette of candy pink, or was cut down the sleeves to reveal the model’s arms, while feminine diaphanous slip-dresses were layered over just-translucent trousers. Layers throughout, actually – Erika’s very good at making you look like you’ve thrown on seven pieces at once without looking like the back of a bus. Nice to see women of all ages on the catwalk, and logical too – these are the ladies who buy Erika’s clothes, so why not show them just how good they could look?