Saturday 6th May

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Erika Cavallini: The Military

Erika Cavallini Command

Whether you’re a sheltered society lady or a first-class gold digger, the experience of getting married and then having your rich husband suddenly die on top of you in the midst of some bedroom antics can be a harrowing affair, no matter if that was a long-held dream or not. How does one pick oneself up from something like that? Do you join the army, like Goldie Hawn did in Private Benjamin? Why would you? The lm is basically a documentary for how not to conduct yourself post a tragic event. Would it simply not be easier to wait out however long a reading of a will and transferring of assets takes and then march to the nearest Erika Cavallini boutique? There was certainly an element of army to her SS17 show. Notice the use of the word “element”. More than enough army to let you join the one “with the condos and the private rooms”. The element came through in the camouflage prints that covered ruffle-sleeved military jackets worn with flouncy, layered skirts and cargo trousers. But a smattering of harnesses and a cinched-in waist or two stopped the whole thing from veering too much into “drop and give me 40” territory. Well, the last time you did that you almost joined the army and who wants to relive those painful memories?

Taken from “Ten Commandments” Issue 58 of 10 Women, ANGELS PLEASURE FLUID, on newsstands now… 

Fashion Editor Will Johns