Tuesday 4th February

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ethan James Green Breathes New Life Into Alexander McQueen Pre-Spring 2020

Is there a better weekend activity than playing dress-up with a group of your best mates? Now imagine that instead of your raggedy vintage frocks, you’ve got all of Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Spring 2020 collection on your disposal. This dream scenario was the reality behind McQueen’s latest project starring a stellar cast of models shot by their BFF and photographer extraordinaire Ethan James Green. After capturing several of the brand’s lookbooks, Green was asked to create a series of portraits giving their Pre-Spring 2020 collection a whole new life. For this fun task, he recruited a trio of his stunning friends – Dara, Marcs Goldberg and Torraine Futurum – each of whom offer Sarah Burton’s design a new personality. The exuberant dresses and corset-like tailoring inspired by flower gardens of the world look as modern as ever amid the urban landscapes these protagonists exist in. A red ruffled ball-gown under a bridge at midnight? It’s all about new interpretations of classic fairy tales set within a modern world, corresponding with Burton’s fashion narratives. Poster your walls with these images and dare to dream of being part of Ethan James Green’s McQueen universe – it’s only a ruffled dress away…

Photographs by Ethan James Green.