Sunday 21st February

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Fashion East: Ready-to-wear AW16

First up, Richard Malone. this was a stripy affair. A seventies, sportif, stripy affair if you will. The collection was inspired by Richard’s Holy Communion, or more specifically his godmother’s appearance at his Holy Communion. Shaved head, combat boots and a zebra spandex dress with cutouts to show off her tattoos. Which basically translates to a rather feminine collection of spliced together stripes or zebra prints in blue and white shaped into a sort of long silhouetted, workwear inspired pieces that are ruffled and gathered in the back to reveal flashes of flesh and great an almost bustle like silhouette from behind. Junk in the trunk and all of that.

Then it was on to Caitlin Price. Remember those videos of hip hop queens in the late 90’s, early 00’s, when they were all Adidas tracksuit bottoms and small bustier tops? Well this is like that. But new. Imagine a dress down Lil Kim with a tiny bit of Goth Lolita thrown in. It’s all about splicing together evening wear and streetwear, balancing volume on the bottom with tight fitting tops. Tracksuits are over sized in matt, ever so slightly sheeny black, patch worked with squares of baby pinks and blues and paired with the tiniest bustiers in pale pastels, with long lengths of satin trailing from them in the wind. Almost, a sort of rude girl debutante.

Last but not least, Av Robertson. There’s a striking masculine/ feminine edge to this. It feels at time stiff, yet soft. Masculine tailoring in traditional blazer stripes of maroon and navy are cut into strict skirts and blazer, worn backwards to create a new silhouette and embroidered with beaded 3D flowers, while jewelled coloured satins are draped to fall away from the body adding a heavy does of femininity to the more masculine tailoring. Apparently the collection was inspired by stories Amie wrote as a child, “alien wanderers falling to earth after a turbulent journey through space, their clothes dusted with alien spores”.