Monday 19th February

| BY Roxy Lola

Fashion East: Ready-to-Wear AW18

Role call. It’s that time of the week where we get to see the Fashion East collective talent, the fashion alumni who are all pushing the boundaries. “This may be our most proactive and definitely my favourite line up ever,” said Lulu Kennedy. Ooh, yes we like fresh meat, leading the way. First up, Asai. In his third season with Fashion East, Sai Ta has been up in the kitchen, making hot dishes for hot delivery, as he calls it. This was for his nomadic woman, drifting, a “fisherman’s tangle” of ideas. Coats were intricately cut out, unravelling over sheer check dresses. Wave formations. Abstract. Expert. And then his lady emerged from the sea, a little bit ravaged but heading home to her country pile in the Cotswolds. Cue new-style horsey head scarves and belted tweedy jackets. Oh, the life. Nothing is impossible.

Next up, Charlotte Knowles. She was feeling mysterious, mythological apparently. Her lingerie sensibility dissected the body, mesh dresses and laser cut sequins… Underworld creatures. Supriya Lele, back for her third round at Fashion East, delivered some sari meets sportswear. She’d found an old photograph of her grandfather wearing a three quarter length hunting jacket with giant poachers pockets. He was obvs fly and so a boyish/ outdoorsiness anchored the lightness of this collection. Special guests Symonds Pearmain brought the performance. Headscarves, checks, swirls. Bold and graphic. Let’s go girls. Jacques Offenback’s Orpheus In The Underworld added all the drama, exuberant. Punchy. Onwards.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans