Sunday 18th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Fashion East: Ready-to-wear SS17

Remember Annabella Lwin, of Bow Wow Wow, the one who wanted candy? Well, she’s finally got it in the form of Matty Bovan’s Fashion East showing this morning. The best way to describe this is joyous. Imagine a punky raver. Cascades of tiny rainbow crystals, fashioned into fringing and loose skirts, split and ruched at the waist seemed to almost dance in the light, creating a sort of flat plan mirror ball effect and were paired with lashings of neon in jersey which was shaped into deflated puffed out sleeves or shoulder framing ruffles and wide crochet knits slung over the top. To badly paraphrase the soundtrack, this was both divine and shooken up.

Next – the working title for Richard Malone SS17 showing, well, my working title for it anyway, when Hanna Barbra cartoons mate. Or to give you a better visual, imagine Scooby Doo’s Fred with a dash of Judy Jetson thrown in. The colours were pure Fred, yellow and blue, orange and white. There was something rather fresh about the brightness of them, a sportiness that came through in the shape of the clothes, not sportswear necessarily, think more leisurewear, in the cut and the way they moved with the body. Trousers flared from the knee and were split at the back adding to the sense of movement, an effect echoed in the kicky hem of the skirts.

There’s mention of sci-fi in AV Robertoson’s press release. Day of the Triffids to be precise. Or to quote, because why not, a “vision of unearthly pods that fall from the blackness of outer space and contaminate the soil they land in”. Or, if you’d rather our interpretation, the vine like embroidery that snaked up the body was ever so slightly reminiscent of exploded flower buds, slightly alien looking, like something hatching from a cocoon. When it comes to sci fi, Cocoon is as far as we go, luckily for us, there were no old people emerging from this. But on to the clothes, hard and soft. A greyish violet and lime green, adding a kind of sickly parlour to the models skin. It felt otherworldly, alien.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans