Monday 17th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Fashion East: Ready-to-Wear SS19

A wonderful triptych coming from completely different points of view came together at today’s Fashion East presentation to send one single message, in unison: the future is bright.

First up was Charlotte Knowles, London. Founded and ran by Charlotte and her beau Alexandre Arsenault, the design duo opened the set with an ode to future femininity. Ruched up sex-appeal and an undying level of confidence – it was about a girl that loves to play with clothes. With a feeling of being suspended into her dress, she’s obsessed with layering her fabulously skimpy pieces and creating new silhouettes. Low-cut printed jeans, dresses worn with matching stockings and three bras at the same time. Why not? Running young, wild and free, the Charlotte Knowles girl can do whatever she wants and still look good.

Building upon her graduate collection that got her the much-coveted spot at Fashion East, Yuhan Wang Wuhan created a fabulous range of silky, ruched dresses that give the underwear-as-outerwear trend a fresh set of eyes. These colourful smocks, were slashed and gathered at the most unexpected of places. When stood still, they could even be considered conservative. But as the girls moved, parts of their bodies started peeking through. Subversive sexuality it is. The standout look was the second to last – a sky blue organza top and maxi skirt, worn under a web-like overlay made out of miniature pearls. We instantly imagined Bad Gal Riri commanding the stage while wearing it. Those are some wild thoughts

When the first few Asai looks walked down the catwalk, it seemed like we’re up for a subdued one. A set of colour-neutral, conventional silhouettes with subtle Asai details came out, one-by-one. For a second there, we thought this was his attempt at commercial. Oh, how wrong we were. As the collection went along, it became clearer and clearer. It wasn’t a new Asai Ta, it was him in his full glory. Roused by the terror of the notorious Nick Ut image “Napalm Girl”, the collection shone a new light onto Vietnamese culture. A celebration of love and joy through the abundance of colours, textiles and shapes, all carefully crafted into elaborate silhouettes.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.