Friday 8th July

| BY Jack Moss

Fendi Celebrates 90th Birthday With Special Show

You’ve seen it all. We’ve been shuttled from pillar to post in search of the most world’s most fabulous fashion show destination. So, what did Fendi do for their 90th birthday in Rome last night? Make their models walk on water, proving that yes, the prodigal talent that is Karl Lagerfeld may, in fact, actually be God. And this wasn’t just any old water, nope, it was the Trevi Fountain – possibly the most famous water feature in the world (and recently restored to its former glory by the Fendi family). It was a truly magical fashion moment –  an ode, apparently, to Italian myths, legends and fairytales. The show itself was the house’s Haute Fourrure collection, a majestic example of what the house can do with all things furry. But forget fur as something heavy – here it was given a magical lightness – touches of it on sheer dresses, astrakhan coats in pastel colours, coats with floral detailing and patchworks of mink. This meant clothes fit for princesses, or failing that, any lady with a huge wad of cash. This was a celebration of spectacle by a house that, even as a nonagerian, looks younger than ever. Vive Italia!