Thursday 6th July

| BY Jack Moss

Fendi: Couture AW17

And so our Couture adventures come to an end. Not with Couture, per se, but with Fourrure which, as the name suggests, is Couture, with fur. Because nothing quite screams “I’M RICH” like fur, and this wasn’t any fur, but just about the finest creations in the stuff going, expertly pieced together by the Fendi Atelier. Which is not to say, as the layman may assume, that this was merely a parade of fur coats – no, no – this was about a whole collection of garments defined by the highest levels of craftsmanship – laser-cut gowns dotted with puffs of fur, fur appliqué, pom-pom-like fur stoles and all manner of incredible techniques that got explained to us but we still don’t entirely understand.

But being Monsieur Lagerfeld (who, and rightly so, took three bows, not just the usual one) there was incredible design that sat alongside innovation – flowers were the recurring motif, appearing across the clothing in a rainbow of colours, playing off the richness of fur with the lightness of sheer fabric. It all makes for the stuff of fantasy. Eye-watering prices (we’ve been sworn to secrecy, soz) for the most fabulous of buyers who took up the boxes of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées this evening. As Garth put it “beats watching Arsenal and Chelsea of a Wednesday,” which I’m not entirely sure what he means, as I don’t think he’s ever watched a football match in his life, but I will translate as: it was fabulous.

Photographs Jason Lloyd-Evans