Thursday 5th July

| BY Claudia Croft

Fendi: Couture AW18

This house’s prowess with fur and leather is legend, but when it comes to couture, designer Karl Lagerfeld pushes craftsmanship to the limits of what’s humanly possible. At his behest, the Fendi atelier hand-painted fur coats in colourful abstractions inspired by the Orphist movement. They seamlessly melded marabou and tulle, blended sequins and ermine and hand-coloured elaborate embroideries. Not everything was made from fur but everything was crafted to an awe inspiring degree. There were sherbet coloured dresses made in caged and lattice-like constructions from frayed, fringed chiffon and tufted cashmere. They were light as cotton candy and semi sheer, revealing sequin cycling shorts and unitards beneath.