Wednesday 27th May

| BY 10Magazine

Fendi: Cruise 2016

The amount of olive toned fabrics in the Fendi Cruise collection is making me think of Olive Oyl, despite her being Olive only in name not in fashion choices, but still, her boyfriend only ate spinach and what is that if not a variation on the colour green? And to be honest, there are a few spinach hued tones in here too. Anyway, think this as a graphic ode to the duel sides of a women’s personality. Soft yet tough. The toughness comes from the leathers, the softness from the almost girlish full skirts and cropped flares, as well as the Bird of Paradise printed over pale silks. There were the graphic twist comes in, an effect further enchanted by bold stripes and patchwork leathers and furs. There’s a swinginess here that feels very youthful, very joys of spring, which seeing as this is a cruise collection is rather apt. This would look good on a cruise, against a back drop of shuffleboard for example, accessorised with a cocktail of some sort in hand, complete with one of those paper umbrella things and a swivel stick.

By Natalie Dembinska