Tuesday 16th April

| BY Michella Oré

The Quann Sisters Are Back With Fendi Peekaboos In Hand

You’ll be seeing double the latest instalment of #MeAndMyPeakaboo. Launched last year by Fendi, the digital video series gives an intimate glimpse into the daily lives of notable families in the fashion and arts industries. Like the chapters before, this next one continues to capture families in their most special moments with the Fendi Peekaboo bag.

Episode 9 follows identical twins Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder around the streets of Manhattan for a day, Peekaboos in hand. The Quann sisters are no strangers to fashion having modelled for the pages of US Vogue and starring in campaigns for & Other Stories and Gap. While out, both Cipriana, blogger and founder of UrbanBushBabes.com, and TK Wonder, musician and producer, talk about the unique bond they share as sisters and what they Peekaboo means to them. “I worked very hard to gain confidence and embrace the woman I am. My confidence like the FENDI Peekaboo, is durable, lasting and strong,” shares TK Wonder. Echoing her sister, Cipriana says the Peekaboo is “eloquent yet strong, a resemblance I can now see in myself.”

Often luxury bags can be dismissed as just another thing that costs a whole lot of money. But what Me and My Peekaboo highlights is that our coveted accessories can be more than just a pretty bag. They can hold memories, symbolise traits we hold dear, and be passed on to the next generation to come.