Monday 19th December

| BY Jack Moss

Fendi: Pre-Fall 2017

If there were to be, say, a sequel of The Princess Diaries, which would be, I suppose, The Princess Diaries 3, something that we would heartily approve of, then we imagine the costumes would look something like this. Because this is clothing that one could call a collection fit for a modern princess. Not that, if I remember correctly, Anne Hathaway was actually still a princess at the end of the second film. Didn’t she become the queen? Whatever. This clothing is just as suitable for a young monarch. Because there’s something a little fairytale about the whole thing. Not in the Disney-ish sense, but in the touches of romanticism – delicate dresses embellished with flowers, layers of lace, tiny coloured pom-poms that sat upon the shoes. But this was still clothes you could, actually, wear. Trousers, sweaters, tailoring – regular pieces made enchanting with the rich, luxurious furs and fabrics, or with Karl’s deft touch – like the double-breasted suit, that falls into drapes on each side or the subtle leather applique that was sprinkled throughout the collection. Clothing fit for a princess. Or us, if we were to come into a large sum of money. Anyone?