Friday 26th February

| BY 10 Magazine

Fendi: Ready-to-wear AW16

Who would ever have pegged Karl Lagerfeld – the Kraut Kaiser of clean – as a frill seeker? Certainly not we, yet he packed his winter Fendi collection tight with ruffles and flounces. Waves were the abstract inspiration, to be explored endlessly in undulating belts and bag straps, wibbly boots with puckered seams and giant bags frilled with leather like some kind of exotic stingray – or a giant ravioli. They looked like both, depending on your eye. But most eyes would find something delectable to feast on, from the wafting maxi-dresses to the ruffled shirt coats to short blazers and dirndl skirts breaking into pleats at the side (waves of pleats, I guess…?). Obvs the only place free of waves was the fur – because you can’t get fur wet, duh.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans