Thursday 22nd September

| BY Roxy Lola

Fendi: Ready-to-wear SS17

Karl Lagerfeld knows what we want and when we want it. Period. Today we want to go back to the late super baroque 18th century, time travel now, yes because it’s Karl and Karl does Baroque. And so the Fendi fairytale for SS17 was delicate, otherworldly, other era-ly yet poignantly now. It spoke to us. These girls were cherubs. Their clothes the myths of love. They walked, to Variations For The Healings of Arinushka, as if straight out of a Jean-Antoine Watteau painting but imagine, with a little Karl Lagerfeld graffiti touch. Bold stripes, pink and blue candy with oversized sunglasses, so retro modern. Tiny, beautiful bags with the swag of a big strap, apron half skirts over pants and filigree appliqué so swirly girly this Fendi fantasy. Ornaments decorated their hair with tiny clips, naughty bunches and their lips sparkled with mirrored pinkness, sprinkled with Karl’s magic fairy dust. We love that lip. It was playful, yet a sense of impurity lurked beneath the innocence of these beautiful naive young women – hidden secrets. It was a now rococo movement/moment led by Karl. He knows best. We want to know his secrets, follow his Peter Pan and live in his world. We want to be in his gang. We wanted it all.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans