Thursday 20th September

| BY Claudia Croft

Fendi: Ready-to-Wear SS19

Nicki Minaj in the front row, crowds of kids sporting double F logos and a palpable buzz; this is Fendi today. The brand takes in pop culture and digital domination but always come back to Italian craftsmanship and know how. For this collection Karl Lagerfeld deftly combined the two. Some outfits played clearly to the street – Bella Hadid in rust coloured logo cycling shorts, matching crochet bra and clear plastic hoodie. Other pieces such as the leather sheath dresses cinched at the waist with matching corsets and fluttering printed silk party dresses oozed sophistication.

This is a leather house but plastic played a part. Transparent PVC parkas were trimmed with tan leather. Pragmatic but beautifully made,they were perfectly adapted to today’s show and tell culture. There were double FF’s everywhere Pencil skirts in spongy white neoprene were embossed with the logo and worn with matching boxy bags. Speaking of which Fendi might have another cult item on its hands in shape of the natty utility belts strung with separate pouches for phone, cards and coins. The Baguette was also back in a new oversized shape embossed with Fendi F’s (sharp intake of breath). If that’s not enough to stoke desire we don’t know what is. Credit cards at the ready…

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.