Friday 27th May

| BY Jack Moss

Fendi: Resort 2017

Screw 80 days, now, you can travel around the world in ten Fendi looks, which is far more appealing because, well, you know us, we’re fucking lazy, and we also do not, repeat, do not enjoy mixing with the common folk. No and no and no. So, instead, we shall stand in our boudoir and place on each of Karl’s glorious designs, one by one, posing in such glamorous ways models above as we go through Fendi’s Resort 2017 collection. Will particularly enjoys the swish of the dress in shot one (“any higher and she’ll show her Fendi baguette”), whilst Dominic favours the classic hand upon hip. Simple. Effective. So where to on the Fendi express? First stop, America, courtesy of some rather fetching red-and-white quilted prints, next, Japan, China, a brief stop in Hawaii and then to the land of Peru, or some such South American locale, thanks to that magnificent fur-embellished final coat. Want. But really, this is actually all about innovation, a collage of oh-so forward thinking techniques that swirl around Mr Lagerfeld’s brain of an evening – from “macro netting”, “shaved mink” to “next level artisan skill” (thanks Vogue Runway). And, please note: fur is not just for winter. Fur is a year-round commitment ladies.