Monday 6th March

| BY Jack Moss

Fenty x Puma: Ready-to-wear AW17

Being within 51 feet (the restraining order says 50) of Rihanna, as we were this evening, sends us into a state of being that we can only describe as: deranged super fan. The judge put it in slightly different terms, but what did he know? Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to break into someone’s Beverly Hills estate and attempt to climb into their bedroom. For legal reasons, though, enough on that – point we’re making is: Rihanna is a goddess, and thus anything that emerges from her is also goddess-like, as evidenced by tonight’s Fenty x Puma collection, shown in Paris. Or, as it shall now be know PaRIH. Not that, we should note, this was typical goddess get up (we’re not sure exactly what that is, but it probably involves a toga and something glittery) – rather, upon the backdrop of a Paris library, it was back to school. Could we call this Rihanna does St Trinians? If, perhaps, St Trinians had been supplanted in an American college? These were naughty girls, which everyone knows is the best type of girl – their Varsity get-ups were cut high and lean, floor length puffas were worn with nothing beneath and the underside of the boob was revealed in teeny tiny sweaters. It was sportswear but not as you know it – slinky dresses made from that shiny P.E. short fabric, trousers and skirts fastened like corsets, a velour and bikini moment. And, of course, pulled up socks and pleated minis. What says naughty schoolgirl like it?

hotographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans