Friday 22nd March

| BY Dino Bonacic

Florence Welch and Gucci: A Love Story

No one does Gucci as well as Florence Welch. The British wallflower with angelic vocals and ginger tresses is equal parts the muse of Alessandro Michele as she is the emotional embodiment of the past times Michele is inspired by. As she dances in her custom organza ruffles (Gucci-labeled of course), she’s a presents a vision of archival beauty, like a renaissance nymph that just cascaded down from a fresco on the wall of a Florentine church. It’s no wonder then that Florence has been a good friend of the brand for years now, with the partnering pre-dating Michele’s tenure as the Creative Director.

She was twirling in Frida Giannini’s petals while on tour with U2 in 2011 – Florence remained one of the few things that haven’t changed with the brand since Michele took over. Such is the power of her transcending energy. In 2016, this love became official as it was announced that Florence became the Gucci ambassador for jewellery and timepieces. The first campaign, capturing the Camberwell-bound songstress clutching roses in all her witchy glory was yet another proof of this perfect match, giving the archaic world of jewellery a totally fresh look. And that was just the start. Announcing the brand new visuals for the latest collections of the fine and silver jewellery (see above), Gucci released a new chapter in a creative collaboration that has continuously been growing to what is now equivalent to a long, successful marriage. In fashion terms, it’s also as rare as a long marriage in real life. As she models the dainty Gucci Flora fine rings, juxtaposed against the neon embellishments of Michele’s SS19 collection, Florence makes us want to join whatever fabulous coven she’s leading.

In celebration of this new campaign photographed by Colin Dodgson, as well as the fruitful relationship on a whole, we bring you ten of our favourite moments starring the happy couple. Can you tell that we’re fans yet? From nightlife street style to Met Gala custom sequins via all those stellar custom performance looks through the years, indulge in this rich love story and try not to drool. And for all those in need for extra-curricular activities, head on over to @whatisflorencewearing . It’s a gift that keeps on giving…