Tuesday 24th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Francesco Scognamiglio: Couture SS17

Having spent a large portion of my adult life watching the 1995 Martin Bashir interview with Princess Di across five parts on YouTube, I was delighted to hear that it formed part of the soundtrack for Francesco Scognamiglio’s latest Haute Couture offering today. Which might, as you would think, suggest that this was an exercise in princess-based dressing. But you would be wrong. Sort of. Because, could we say that those first looks were more rodeo queen than Brit princess? It was something about that heavily embellished leather jacket and skirt, the smattering golden studs, a white, almost Elvis Presley like suit, accessorised with a sparkling mask across the face. Is it a stretch to call it country and western? Probably, because, as the show unfolded we moved into what one might call couture proper – fantasy frouf – sheer dresses that with delicate floral embellishments, rich tapestry jacquards, showgirl sparkle and plenty of ruffle. What more could you want? Well, a wedding dress. Which we also got, in lovely blush. All combined? Well, it became a collection that teetered, rather beautifully, between strength and fragility. Much like our Di herself.