Monday 4th July

| BY Jack Moss

Francesco Scognamiglio: Haute Couture AW16

Frilling. This, which we have just made up, is a combination of frilly and thrilling. Which was how we would describe Francesco Scognamiglio’s very first couture show, housed in a beautiful salon in Saint Germain. Gilded, chandeliers, paintings of busty ladies and naked cherubs kind of thing. A fitting setting then, for a show that was an ode to couture of old – ruffles, sculpted silhouettes, ruched details, veiled faces – all out glamour, basically. As compounded by the use of over 300,000 Swarovski crystals. Safe to say, our magpie like tendencies were well and truly satisfied. The girl was kind of virginal meets bad girl, light meets dark, or, as the press release puts it – “a pure yet intangible idealisation of an angel, carnal and untraceable, palpitating is riches and ruffles”. Oo-er. Basically, all we were left wondering was, why the fuck is this Francesco’s first? This is a couture master at work, and we hope this is but one of many.