Sunday 17th December

| BY 10 Magazine

Giorgio Armani On… Aldo Fallai


When it comes to power, success, charisma and twinkly blue eyes, Giorgio Armani has it all – in spades. He’s also pretty spectacular in the frock-designing department. That’s why, at 83, he’s still one of our favourite people. And why we asked him to tell us who his were.

“I met Aldo Fallai in the years leading up to the birth of my brand. In the beginning, we worked together extensively, trying to completely define the Armani style also through photography. I wanted it to be modern and intense, passionate yet casual at the same time, like a scene from the best possible life. Antonia Dell’Atte with a newspaper under her arm, youngsters sitting in the subway, the young Emporio Armani man inspired by the statues at the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome. Looking back on it today, it seems that there was a strong Italian inspiration there, probably due to the similar culture and life experiences Fallai and I shared. In a certain sense, Fallai was my eyes, the glimpse into my fashion.”

Taken from Giorgio Armani’s People To Meet, Issue 59 10 Magazine, REBEL HEART

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