Thursday 21st December

| BY 10 Magazine

Giorgio Armani On…. Cate Blanchett


When it comes to power, success, charisma and twinkly blue eyes, Giorgio Armani has it all – in spades. He’s also pretty spectacular in the frock-designing department. That’s why, at 83, he’s still one of our favourite people. And why we asked him to tell us who his were.

“Cate Blanchett and I have such a sincere bond of friendship, and it’s always an honour to dress her. She’s a contemporary woman, capable of being fragile yet strong, icy yet sensual, and she always possesses a unique elegance because she’s so authentic and natural. I’m fascinated by her personality and independence – characteristics that are epitome of femininity for me. Cate is one of the greatest actresses of our time, both in theatre and in film. The integrity and dedication with which she devotes herself to her work are reflected in the powerful intensity of her performances”

Taken from Giorgio Armani’s People To Meet, Issue 59 10 Magazine, REBEL HEART

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