Sunday 26th November

| BY 10 Magazine

Giorgio Armani On… Nobu Matsuhisa


Mr Armani surrounds himself with the best of the best. Naturally. So we asked him to pick ten people you should know (and some that you definitely already do) – next up, legendary chef, Nobu Matsuhisa. Here’s what Giorgio said of the master of Japanese cuisine…

“I met Nobu many years ago in New York and, when I was planning the Milan Armani Manzoni 31 concept store, I suggested he open a restaurant, because I consider him to be an authentic phenomenon of Japanese culinary art. He possesses this rare ability to fuse together classic Asian ingredients with South America ones, which he re-examines and improves, creating dishes that are simply Nobu, always and forever.”

Taken from Giorgio Armani’s People To Meet, Issue 59 10 Magazine, REBEL HEART

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