Tuesday 21st November

| BY Alexander Fury

Giorgio Armani On… Richard Gere

RGWhen it comes to power, success, charisma and twinkly blue eyes, Giorgio Armani has it all – in spades. He’s also pretty spectacular in the frock-designing department. That’s why, at 83, he’s still one of our favourite people. And why we asked him to tell us who his were.

“I met Richard Gere in the 1980s while collaborating on American Gigolo. At the time, Gere was still relatively unknown and was chosen for the lead role, which was initially supposed to be for John Travolta, who was already an international star. Richard was a great example in that film. There was a certain sensuality in the way he moved and his character was an important symbol, precisely for the unconventional rebelliousness of his look. Since then, we’ve collaborated often and I’ve always admired him in his many other performances. He’s an immensely talented actor, aside from being extremely charming. But most importantly, he’s a man of great depth and diligence, and I’m proud of our friendship”

Taken from Giorgio Armani’s People To Meet, Issue 59 10 Magazine, REBEL HEART

Text Alexander Fury
Collages Aline Bliumis