Tuesday 1st March

| BY 10 Magazine

Giorgio Armani: Ready-to-wear AW16

We’d estimate a good 90% of Giorgio Armani’s winter 2016 collection consisted of trousers. Impeccably cut velvet ones, perfectly pitched tweedy ones, a few in flowing chiffon. He opened and closed with trousers – the closer under a billowing cape of black tulle, the opener… well, the opener on a man, a few of whom strode alongside the female models, in similarly superb suiting. This was Armani at his most elegant and subdued, a hefty dose of tailoring anchoring the collection to daywear – maybe because Mr Armani’s evening wear, on Cate Blanchett and Charlotte Rampling most notably – had its high-profile outing last night at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles. If that’s the place for evening, Armani’s Milanese teatro is where he shows his customers what they’re going to be wearing day in, day out, for the next six months. Except, obviously, it’ll last way longer than six months. And it’s always in, never out. Ciao to Giorgio, and to Milan as a whole. We’re off to Paris – and the final leg (no trouser pun) of the winter season.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans