Friday 22nd September

| BY Jack Moss

Giorgio Armani: Ready-to-Wear SS18

Mr Armani has spoken, and he’s said prints. Well, actually he said: “the power of artistic gesture – free, expressive and instinctive – meets the sophisticated, linear evidence of the Giorgio Armani language,” but it amounted to about the same thing. We started with florals. They were printed on chiffon, which was then layered over sleek black party dresses, or overlapping-crescent shaped skirts. It was a physical interplay between, sleek, serious Armani and something altogether looser. Geometric prints were scribbled over trousers, or boxy, matador-style tailored jacket, pinstripe party dresses looked like they’d been splattered with paint. Felt a bit like a collage – neckpieces made up from loopy bows, retro wallpaper-style prints, fabrics that felt hand-crafted – like a tweed-like fabric made from woven ribbon, or the pom-pom neckpieces created from a mass of raw-cut cloth. It felt tactile. But measured. And totally Armani. Giorgio always gives his woman exactly what she wants.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans