Wednesday 3rd January

| BY Finn Blythe

Giorgio Armani’s Pre-Fall 2018 Collection Is Here

For some, a new year can herald the arrival of many things; a few extra inches to your waist size, a three-day hangover or unrealistically ambitious exercise plans. We can safely say we’re well acquainted with all three. For others, like Giorgio Armani, the new year means little more than business as usual, namely, producing beautiful clothes that women really want to wear. Take their newly revealed 2018 Pre-Fall collection for instance, a typically charming, light-hearted blend of precisely cut sartorial wares – patterned jackets but also wide legged suit trousers – paired with jeans, sweatshirts, baseball sneakers and knee-high lace-up boots. Miaow. This is a collection that nimbly avoids straightforward classification, instead it swerves between the many, and often contradictory worlds, inhabited by the woman of 2018 and accommodates them accordingly.

The prevailing silhouette is sleek and elegant but is rarely delivered without a suggestion of contrast. Be it the stud inserts against pure, functional lines, hanging pouches hooked onto giant carabiners (affectionately known by Joel as a ‘dangly’), or those tailored shorts revealing a flash of thigh, this is a collection full of dynamism and unexpected turns. Hopefully the same will be said of my 2018.