Sunday 23rd April

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Giuseppe Zanotti x Jennifer Lopez: The Collaboration

Guisseppe Zanotti Jennifer Lopez Website copy

Unlike J-Lo, we can’t claim we’re from the block. They don’t do blocks in London. The reason we bring up J-Lo is she has just collaborated with Giuseppe Zanotti on a collection of ultra-glamorous shoes. They’re not from any block we’ve seen. Obviously there’s a Jen: a sexy corset number that cages your foot a bit like a deep-sea diving cage might, but in suede. Well, the streets can be a savage place sometimes. Then there’s Lynda, which reminds us of Linda Evans, Dynasty’s Krystle Carrington, nemesis of Alexis. Imagine the damage she could have done armed with a pair of Lyndas. Leslie, the name, means garden of holly. Could the Leslie sandal be described as a garden of holly for your feet? Probably not. But a garden of suede straps that wind around your ankle? Yes. Meanwhile, if the Emme is a reimagined gladiator heel, that must make her the Cleopatra of the shoe world: gladiators were Roman and Cleopatra’s affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony surely made her Roman by some degree of separation (or union). Tiana, however, could be a homage to the Disney princess who had to work hard to make her dreams come true, for what is a high-top sneaker with a hidden wedge if not the hardest-working of shoes? It’s not easy being simultaneously high and flat.

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Fashion Editor Will Johns